Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, I’ve collected a number of guides together that have been published by respected financial product providers such as Axa, Funds Network, M&G and so on which will hopefully be of some interest.

They’re gathered under some general headings and are deliberately drafted to provide information, rather than advice. If any further information or help is needed, please do get in touch.


Investing Made Simple

Courtesy of Axa, this is an excellent beginners guide to investing – whether generally or as part of your pension strategy. Introduces a number of ideas including different types of assets and risk & reward.

10 Rules of Successful Investment

Just because an investment works well for somebody else does not mean it is necessarily right for you. Consider your own situation; your future liabilities, your investment goals, your timeframes and, most importantly, your appetite for risk …

ISAs Vs Pensions

A look at the pros and cons of the different types of investing and how the tax treatment differs.


Planning for Retirement

This guide covers both the different ways of building up a fund for your retirement as well as the way in which the benefits might be taken.

Pension Drawdown

Pension drawdown can be an attractive option for investors seeking to generate an income in retirement. It can offer flexibility and could help to ensure your income keepspace with inflation. On the other hand, it doesn’t provide you with a guaranteed income. This factsheet will outline some of the pros and cons you need to weigh up…

Should you move your money ?

Few people have a job for life these days and neither do they keep all their savings with one provider. Many now have a number of different company pension schemes and private pension plans. So should those approaching retirement consolidate these savings plans?

Getting Cash from your Pension

Some people will be tempted to take their pension pot all in one go. But if you’re considering this option, tread carefully. The new flexibility comes with a sting in its tail; take too much money, too quickly, from your pension and you could face an unexpected tax bill and you may run short later in life…

Tax & Other Matters

Inheritance Tax

This guide is designed to help you through the maze of IHT, outlining who needs to be concerned, explaining how it works and introducing some of the allowances you can use to help mitigate its effects on your estate. If you would like to discuss any of the points raised, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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