Some areas where I may be able to help you.
image for White Horse Financial Services My main goal is to be able to provide a solution that is bespoke to your individual situation, rather than have a simple off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all answer to everything. That said, there are certain common features that I employ to ensure that the way I work treats my clients fairly and ethically.
The systems I use are robust and based on the best practices employed in the wider profession. This includes the use of state-of-the-art research tools, cash-flow modelling software, and monitoring & reporting systems all kept within safe and secure data protection procedures.

As a member of a network of similar advisers, I also have access to regular professional development days, opportunities to discuss the latest changes in regulation or and briefing on new products in the marketplace as well as having external oversight of my work to ensure that there is an independent eye watching to ensure proper governance and compliance with not only the letter of the regulations but with the spirit too.


As outlined in the About Us section, my goal is to provide an excellent level of service to my clients, based on the 'golden rule' of treating them as I would like to be treated myself.
The service that I provide will vary from one client to another, but will typically cover one or more of the following:

  • Making sense of an existing set of investments

  • Bringing plans from different providers together into a simple, easy to monitor portfolio

  • Managing investments so that they are properly aligned to the client's appetite and need (if any) for risk-taking

  • Re-arranging investments to reduce the possible level of Inheritance Tax by making proper use of the legal allowances.

  • Establishing plans that will allow money to be passed down generations without being at risk from death or divorce.

  • Putting together a plan for the best way to take pension benefits (drawdown, annuities, cash lump sums etc.)

  • Making sure that pension benefits are taken in a tax-efficient manner

  • Generating additional income from investments so that clients can have an improved standard of living

  • Researching and arranging plans to ensure funds for private residential care home fees will last

image for Later Life Advice Specialist
I have considerable experience in dealing with frail and elderly clients and their relatives who may be operating under the terms of a Power of Attorney, and I have been awarded the Later Life Advice Specialist designation by the Personal Finance Society.
During my career, I have worked alongside a number of legal and accountancy practices to ensure that the financial advice that their clients received was timely, accurate and was of demonstrable added value.

I have spent time embedded as the in-house IFA at a firm of Chartered Accountants where the normal way of working was for me to join the accountant in a meeting with their client so that they could receive a more holistic approach to their financial planning requirements.
I also provided staff training in both financial products and possible needs their clients might have, and soft 'people' skills for less senior team members who were not as experienced in customer-facing situations so that they could improve their skills in identifying opportunities to introduce new services to the clients and how best this might be achieved.

Since I provide Independent financial advice, solicitors and legal executives can be sure that they are following the Law Society guidance in respect of avoiding referring clients to advisers who have a Restricted offering.

I have held joint presentations on a number of subjects with solicitors, particularly on investments and funding long-term care and have also operated a number of informal surgery days alongside members of the legal profession for residents of local care homes and their families.
I act as adviser to a number of trusts and am experienced in drafting Statements of Investment Principles. I qualified as an Associate Member of STEP when I was one of the first financial advisers in the country to complete their Certificate for Financial Services - Trusts & Estate Planning. If you would like to see if I can help you and your clients, please do get in touch.

Services I provide to business owners fall into two distinct categories; those aimed as employee benefits and those for the owners themselves.

For Your Employees:
  • Staff Pension Schemes - including researching and sourcing a suitable provider to help you meet your Auto Enrolment responsibilities and which will work alongside your existing payroll and HR systems
  • Death In Service life insurance
  • Permanent Health Insurance to provide a them with a replacement income in the event of illness or accidents.

    For You and other Directors:
  • Pensions for senior staff
  • Insurance to cover your business against the death or serious illness of a key member of staff
  • Working with your accountant to draft an effective partnership agreement
  • Facilitating the purchase of a partner's shares from their estate in the event of their premature death

    My experience is at your disposal; please do get in touch if you feel I might be able to be of help.